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"The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time." - Abraham Lincoln
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Story, Seger & Soren with Vadym Kholodenkom, the best pianist in the world! He was fantastic in concert at the Performing Arts Center.
Ron Sasso is a trusted REALTOR® at Coldwell Banker Black Hills Legacy Real Estate. He is also a man of many different talents. He is the son of a fireman who was also an army veteran. Ron was raised understanding the importance of serving and helping people. He received his Bachelor's Degree in English from the College of New Jersey in 1988 and received his Master's Degree in Counseling from South Dakota State University in 1997. In addition to being a full time real estate agent he teaches at the Black Hills School for Real Estate. He is also a licensed professional counselor but does not work as a counselor other than occassionally presenting at conferences and helping his real estate clients through the typically stressful time of buying and selling property.

He has won Coldwell Banker's Outstanding Customer Service Award multiple times. He has won Coldwell Banker's Monthly Top Producer Award and has also won Coldwell Banker's Bronze Society Award multiple times for his sales performance.

Ron was highly successful in sales for a Fortune 500 company for five years before moving into the human services field and working for a non-profit agency. Ron has over 14 years of nonprofit business leadership experience. He was the program director of an out patient brain injury rehabilitation program. Under his direction, the program grew by over 400% and helped hundreds of people of all ages and all walks of life, recover from brain injury. Click here to learn more about brain injury.

Prior to his work on City Council, Ron Sasso received the Rapid City Citizen of the Month Award for his work with the homeless population. He worked extensively with the homeless population while working as the director of a brain injury rehabilitation program.

Ron founded the Brain Injury Support Group of the Black Hills in 2003 and co-facilitated this group. In 2017 he founded the Black Hills Scleroderma Support Group. During COVID the group went virtual. Due to a low patient population in the Rapid City area, the group ended when Ron was recruited by the National Scleroderma Foundation to facilitate a virtual Newly Diagnosed Support Group in 2022. Ron continues to facilitate the virtual support group with people attending across the country (and sometimes around the world). Click here to learn more about scleroderma.

Ron has presented at various brain injury conferences throughout the region (including presenting at Mayo Clinic). He has presented on a variety of topics including sports concussions, brain injury through the lifespan, homelessness, emotional impact of brain injury, awareness issues, independent living, and several other brain injury topics. He has also done presentations on leadership development.

In 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2021 Ron presented at the National Scleroderma Foundation's national conference. He has focused on stress management, which is a common challenge for people with autoimmune diseases and has presented on dealing with being newly diagnosed and the adjustments and emotional upheaval that takes place.

Ron was a board member of the Humane Society of the Black Hills for nearly 10 years. The Humane Society of the Black Hills is an organization that finds homes for every adoptable animal. He is also a former long time board member of the Brain Injury Alliance of South Dakota.

Ron was a member of the Rapid City Public Library board (as the City Council Liason) from 2011 to 2013. There was a lot that happened during that time and many positive changes were implemented including the addition of filters to protect children from pornography. During his term he brought forward several ordinance changes to improve Rapid City (which passed unanimously).

Ron has also worked as a freelance writer and his columns have been published in The Rapid City Journal. He has also written eight feature-length screenplays (primarily romantic comedies) and has composed over 1,000 poems. To learn more about his freelance writing and to read samples, click here.

Ron is an avid runner and has run nine full marathons (two while wearing a bicycle helmet to raise awareness of brain injury) as well as five half marathons. Currently he is focused on running half marathons. He is a member of the Black Hills Runners Club and is the race director for the very successful Fools 4-Miler race. In addition to running, he occasionally plays racquetball and enjoys biking.

He has enjoyed acting and particularly enjoys Renaissance festivals. He goes in costume and in character.

Ron is a Christian and his faith guides decisions that he makes.

If you have any questions about Ron, please do not hesitate to contact him.

To see Ron Sasso's curriculum vitae, click here.
Wellfully 10k, Grand Master Winner 2017.
The Fools 4-Miler, 2017 (Ron has been the race director from 2017-current).
Ron Sasso - Real Estate Professional
Ron with Olympic snowboarder and brain injury survivor Kevin Pearce at a brain injury converence.
Ron with two of his children, Story and Seger at the Deadwood Zombie Run (and zomies in the background).
Ron as part of the "More than Systemic Scleroderma" ad campaign