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Brain injury is considered a silent epedemic. It's the second most prevalent disability in America, affecting 10 million people (5.3 million from traumatic brain injury and 4.7 million from stroke). Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the signature wound of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

People who have a mild traumatic brain injury will look the same and sound the same---however they are not the same. Subtle cognitive changes can cause significant problems, impacting work, home life and self-esteem. Cognitive rehabilitation and counseling are critical components involved for a return to a fully productive life.

Ron was a long time board member of the Brain Injury Alliance of South Dakota.

Ron has presented at conferences throughout the region on various brain injury topics. His main area of focus has been the social emotional aspects of brain injury.

Ron has run nine marathons, including two while wearing a helmet to raise awareness of brain injury.

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Ron developed a model for Understanding Catastrophic Reaction. Additionally, there is an explaination of the Catastrophic Reaction model (click here).

Ron also developed a model to explain the problems of Awareness and Depression in Brain Injury.
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Ron running a marathon with a helmet to raise awareness of brain injury and brain injury prevention.
Always wear a helmet when biking, skiing, skating, etc.
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