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One of my passions has always been creative writing. That passion started when my father would sit down with me and we would listen to music and discuss the lyrics of some great songwriters such as Harry Chapin and Cat Stevens. He would go through the lyrics and we would interpret them together. That link continued throughout his life as he would send me the latest Matchbox Twenty album and we'd discuss the lyrical genius of Rob Thomas.

In high school I had an English teacher, Louisa Dette, who encouraged me to write poetry. The foundation was already laid down by my father. I found an incredible means of expression through poetry and have written well over 1,000 poems.

I acquired my Bachelor of Arts in English, taking every writing course that I could enroll in. During that time I also did some songwriting---crafting the lyrics while working with a talented and creative keyboardist, Roger Smith.

While working on my bachelor's degree I had another great mentor. Dr. Peter Wood. He was my professor for a creative writing course where much of the emphasis was on poetry. He was the poet laureate of The College of New Jersey (then Trenton State College). At one point he spent quite a bit of time trying to convince me to pursue my writing and that it was possible to become a professional poet. He worked with me to enhance my poetry and to deepen my love of the written word.

Several years later I took a trip cross country. I took secondary roads instead of interstate hghways whenever possible. I camped for most of the trip but also spent a couple of nights in my car and a night at a stranger's home. It was a magical trip, going through 17 states and a dozen national parks. I saw more in that half month than I had ever seen in my life. I almost didn't return from the journey.

Shortly after my return I began working on a novel that reflected on many experiences during my trip. That novel still remains unfinished but I have kept all my notes from the trip and believe one day I will return to it the novel to finish it. I may post some of it here.

Why didn't I finish the novel? Well, there are many reasons. Life happened. Children were born and different avenues of expression are discovered...

I began writing screenplays. For those of you who aren't aware, a screenplay is basically the blueprint for a movie. The making of a movie---even a very low budget movie---involves dozens of people. A major motion picture involves thousands of people. Each movie starts with a story...a screenplay.

As someone who loves movies, acting, and writing, this was a great fusion of the arts for me. My training as a counselor plays a role as I believe it is important to understand your characters and to know they are living beings after you create them. I first learned that when I had a scene planned and one of my characters changed it. Why? Because what I had planned didn't truly fit who he was. When I am in the midst of writing my characters are alive and I am experiencing each scene unfold as I type it out.

Everything on my website is copyrighted. Additionally my screenplays are registered with the Writers Guild of America.

I have spent years learning the craft of screenwriting, reading every major book on the subject and have attended Rob McKee's "Story" seminar in Los Angeles. It is no coincidence that my youngest child is named Story.

If you are interested in one of my screenplays, please contact me directly. I have been very close to selling a couple of them and with all my activities in life I have not spent much time trying to sell them. Most of my screenplays are romantic comedies. These are just a sampling of some of the screenplays I've written.


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